About KK Wolf

KK Wolf, script supervisor, associate television producer and author of DUMP THE PUTZ! was a casualty of love. For years she suffered a broken heart when her husband out of the blue, called her over the phone and DUMPED her. He was in love with another woman.

KK moved to California to explore her opportunities and to expand her territory. And what came from that move was a GOD send. She was finally able to move on from the PUTZ!

Today KK not only helps people mend their broken hearts. She has become an incredible inspiration in helping people find new love. Both men and women call for her services to put their love lives back on track to find long meaningful relationships.

DUMP THE PUTZ! , KK's first book will hit the book shelves shortly.  Advance copies are already available at Lulu.com and will be for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all e-book sites soon.

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