For Better or For Worst

I am sick of it! I am sick of my clients, friends and everyone I know talking about the divorce of Kim Kardashian. Okay, she was only married for 72 days and she filed for divorce. Let it go! BFD. Who cares already?

If we should be talking about anyone, we should be talking about Kris Humphries. He was blind-sided. He had no idea he was being DUMPED! That’s right, DUMPED. Funny when the tables are turned and when a man DUMPS a woman, it is no big deal. I wonder how many women out there have been DUMPED, and have been served with divorce papers after a short marriage. I bet plenty. But when a woman DUMPS a man, and changes her mind; let’s see, she has been called every name in the book on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the Internet. Okay, so I feel a little sorry for Kim.


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