Dump the Putz!

What is a putz?  A Yiddish word, with many different meanings, originally a unique male body part.  Today a putz is a person who lacks good judgement.  A Despicable or stupid person.  Basically, a stupid and obnoxious male.  Have you ever met one?  Are you with one?  If you're ready to get rid of yours, Dump the Putz! is for you!

In this fabulous and hilarious tell-all, KK Wolf brings you inside her breakup and divorce.  You'll laugh with her and cry a million tears just like she did.  But you'll never forget her and how she stood up for herself and dumped the putz!

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"Raw, real and I laughed my ass off!"
Sarah Trigger, Actress

"Pineapple courts! You're not kidding."
Emily Katz, Hollywood Makeup Artist


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